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Collective Conductivity



“Collective Conductivity,” raises the awareness of energy exchange amongst humans.  This transfer of energy moves throughout all  life and affects humans in transparent ways.  We live in an ever changing world that operates systematically despite the sense of disarray.   There is order in the chaos. If you look within the microscopic world of cells, where the intricate process of DNA replication and meiosis continue to create life, to the vastness of our solar system where our sun gives us the fuel we need to sustain life on our planet, you will find that the universe is like a well oiled precision machine.  Transferable energy is everywhere.  Everyday we feel this force from our environment and those around us.    


This transferred energy is realized within our own bodies through emotion.  Our emotions are influenced by our environment. We can all relate to experiencing change in our feelings from negative to positive or vice versa, due to another individual’s or group’s feelings affecting us.  By becoming more aware of our own feelings and actually embracing them we can move through our emotions with an understanding rather than keeping them within our shielded bodies.

We are not only connected to this human energy, but also the force from nature itself.  Every atom has a positive and negative charge. Tapping into this simplified energy from the earth, the plants, and the elements allows us to become aware of our present state of emotion and to gain strength from the life force within our bodies.    


We are all locked into a vast energy system, as this collective force is realized it will allow us to gain a better understanding of ourselves, each other, and the entire universe.